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About Dominique

Dominique is a real estate broker native to Southern California. Born into a family of real estate agents, contractors and developers, Dominique's career in real estate began early demolishing family projects, facilitating paperwork, and marketing listings and rentals.

An alumna of the University of Notre Dame du lac (summa cum laude), Dominique also attended the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and studied Business, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish. After graduating, she joined her mother's boutique real estate brokerage and began her own real estate investing journey (starting with the purchase of a $6,500 home in Southern California - ask her about it). She has 7+ years of experience in all  aspects of the industry from construction project management, financing, and sales, to marketing and development.


Working a team with over 30+ years in the industry, Dominique continues the legacy by helping buyers, sellers, investors and developers achieve their goals -- whether that entails buying their first home with programs like NACA, acquiring more rentals, or selling their flips and new developments.


When not working tirelessly for her clients, Dominique enjoys spending her time practicing her languages, practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, traveling, reading, and developing her own projects.


My mission is simple: to help you reach your fullest potential in real estate. 


My greater vision is to revolutionize what it means to be a real estate agent by leading with honesty, transparency and integrity. Our industry has the greatest impact on people's lives and yet a profession people trust the least. My vision is to change that. 

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