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Buy Financial Freedom

"Excellent communication, very in-depth knowledge of real estate investing. Personable and professional. Highly recommend to anyone in the future." 

Alicia & Adam

You're passionate about becoming financially free. Creating a future for yourself where you never have to work, unless you absolutely want to. 

Don't you deserve an agent who's passionate about making that happen for you? 

We think you do. 

As an investor-friendly agent, Dominique and her team go above and beyond for clients that are seeking to build a portfolio of rental income properties all while juggling full-time work or other life commitments.

Unlike traditional agents who only focus on finding properties and closing transactions, we work with you to create a sustainable long-term plan for financial freedom. 


Specifically, we will help you: 

  • Translate your financial goals into a strategic real estate plan 

  • Provide recommendations and introductions for key members of your team 

  • Source deals consistently (including off-market properties)  

  • Negotiate the best prices on acquisition 

  • Monitor local market rents and conditions 

  • Coordinate with your tax, legal, and financial professionals to ensure your plan is properly executed 

  • Understand all the options available 

  • Secure competitive financing for your properties 

  • Discover new opportunities to increase cash flow 

  • And more! 

For over eight years, we've had the opportunity to help real estate investors build multi-million dollar rental property portfolios in one of the most competitive markets in the country so that today they are in a position to choose the work they do each and every day. 


We can't wait to build a financial legacy like this for you. To get started, click the button below to schedule an initial appointment. 

Let's Get Started

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