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Leave Nothing on the Table

​"Very professional! She was very quick in listing and getting the work done. Will highly recommend her services to everyone!"

- Marine P.

In this market, it's not a question of whether you CAN sell your home. There's no doubt that you will.


The question is how can you sell your home for the MOST money possible, in the LEAST amount of time with the LEAST amount of hassle. 

Wouldn't you agree you deserve nothing less? 

We think so. 

Dominique and her team are skillfully trained in working with sellers to get top market prices for their properties no matter where we are in the real estate cycle. We'll work with you to: 

  • Create the ideal target profile

  • Prepare the property for listing 

  • Stage the home to entice buyers 

  • Oversee cosmetic repairs and upgrades 

  • Competitively price your home 

  • Ensure your property gets maximum exposure 

  • Schedule showings

  • Aggressively market your home 

  • Strongly represent you in negotiations

  • Safeguard your financial interests

  • Handle all paperwork during escrow 

  • Understand your 

  • Collaborate with your legal, tax, and financial professionals to setup the sale in a way that is most financially beneficial to you 

  • Navigate requests for repairs to your advantage 

  • Arrange a smooth transition when closing

  • Support you after close 

  • And much more!

Unlike traditional real estate agents, however, we do things very differently. 

We show up aggressively for our clients. We're always a phone call away. 

We keep your interests top of mind, unlike other agents who are only worried about the commission. 

We do all the work, so you don't have to, and act not only as an agent, but also as a guide, so that the sale of your property is the beginning of something greater for you and your family. 

Single-family home or multifamily. Small fixer or new construction apartment building. Even land. 


Having closed hundreds of sales for clients, no agent understands the process better than us. No one shows up for their clients like we do. 

We can’t wait to work with you on this exciting journey. Click on the button below to schedule a free property valuation and consult. 

Let's Get Started

  • How is a developer different from an investor?
    Real estate developers typically add some form of value to a property, while real estate invesstors typically use cosmetic repairs to achieve appreciation. Value add development can be in the form of additional square footage, the addition of units, accessory dwelling units and more.
  • Do you work 1:1 with developers?
    Yes. I provide traditional real estate services for real estate developers on commission. My team and I are also available to provide add on services for developers, for an additional fee. These are project dependent.
  • Are you open to JV projects?
    Yes. For capitalized real estate investors looking to partner on the development of residential real estate in Southern California, my team and I are open to JV on projects. We have several contractors available to do the work, depending on the project. To schedule an appointment to discuss this option further click here:
  • Do you offer a course?
    We currently have a real estate development training program in development. If would like to be among the first to learn about the program when it's launched, please email:, subject line: Training.
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