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As a real estate developer, have you ever wanted to work with an agent whose sole goal is to grow your business to a million-dollar company? ​

To work with a dedicated business partner without worrying about ulterior motives or trivial games. 

Now, you can. 

Dominique and her team's work goes above and beyond finding properties and closing transactions for builders.


Our focus is the long term. How can we get you to the big leagues without wasting time or money? We'll work with you to:


  • Create a custom blueprint to achieve your vision

  • Build a plan to get you your next project within the next 90 days

  • Strengthen your team by helping you make the right introductions


  • Source deals consistently 

  • Evaluate the potential land use of each project 

  • Conduct preliminary financial feasibility analyses

  • Liaise with planning officials

  • Place strategic offers and bids ​

On Acquisition

  • Provide full real estate services and representation

  • Streamline parties to close on time

  • Provide on-site design consultations

  • Monitor market conditions so there are no surprises

  • Pre-market your project to target buyers or renters ​


On Sale

  • Attract high potential buyers and renters

  • Deploy robust marketing campaigns

  • Negotiate a quick and successful sale

No matter if you're looking to develop: 

  • Single Family Homes

  • Spec Homes

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Mixed-Use or Commercial

  • Transit-Oriented Developments

  • Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Land Banking

  • Small Lot Subdivisions

For over eight years, Dominique and her team have worked with a select group of real estate developers taking their businesses from one development deal here and there to million-dollar development companies with a consistent pipeline of projects.

We'd love an opportunity to make you the next. To work 1:1 with Dominique click the button below to schedule a consultation.

  • How is a developer different from an investor?
    Real estate developers typically add some form of value to a property, while real estate invesstors typically use cosmetic repairs to achieve appreciation. Value add development can be in the form of additional square footage, the addition of units, accessory dwelling units and more.
  • Do you work 1:1 with developers?
    Yes. I provide traditional real estate services for real estate developers on commission. My team and I are also available to provide add on services for developers, for an additional fee. These are project dependent.
  • Are you open to JV projects?
    Yes. For capitalized real estate investors looking to partner on the development of residential real estate in Southern California, my team and I are open to JV on projects. We have several contractors available to do the work, depending on the project. To schedule an appointment to discuss this option further click here:
  • Do you offer a course?
    We currently have a real estate development training program in development. If would like to be among the first to learn about the program when it's launched, please email:, subject line: Training.
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