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Building Your 
Dream Starts 

As a real estate developer and investor, how would it feel to work with an agent whose sole goal is to grow your business to a million-dollar company.

To work with a dedicated business partner without worrying about ulterior motives, games, drowning in paperwork, talking to hundreds of homeowners, or running all over town chasing deals.


Hello, my name is Dominique.


Over the past six years I’ve worked with a select group of real estate developers and investors to take their businesses from one development deal here and one development deal there to million dollar companies with cash flowing portfolios and a consistent pipeline of deals.


However, my start in real estate began as a kid, growing up alongside and getting a behind the scenes look at how the largest developers in Southern California, who combined have developed over 500 units in LA alone, operate.


My work as a real estate agent goes above and beyond finding properties and closing transactions. My focus is the long term. How can we get you to the big leagues without wasting time or money?  


I'll work with you to: 

  • Create a custom blueprint to achieve your vision 

  • Build a plan get you your next project within the next 30 days

  • Strengthen your team by helping you make introductions to contractors, lenders and more 

  • Manage your development projects from purchase to sale 

  • Setup a consistent flow of deals (so many you'll be drowning in them) so that you never have to worry about where the next one will come from

It also helps that I’m hands on, easy to work with and responsive.  


All of that begins when you click the link below and book the initial consultation. From that meeting you'll walk away with clear S.M.A.R.T goals to achieve, a fully laid out plan to get there, as well as answers to your burning questions.

If you've been waiting to find a business partner whose fully invested in your success, that time is now. 





"Dominique Higgins is one of the best professionals we've worked with...She's...responsive, a great listener, a strategic thinker, detail-oriented, and is easily able to translate vision with very little information or direction. She continues to help drive our business to the next level and continues to help us become the best we can be. We would highly recommend Dominique.

—  Robert N.